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Rena Marlette Greek was born on August 8, 1967 in Jacksonville, Florida. In 1996 she got signed by the WWE and portrayed the character of "Sable". In only 3 short years she became a huge success earning her the WWE Women's Championship. Her popularity led to Playboy offering her to pose for their magazine which she did twice in 1999 and again in 2004. Rena left the WWE in 1999 and returned to the company in 2003. During that time she filmed movies, modeled and was the on-screen CEO of the XWF. In 2004 Rena retired from the wrestling bizz. Today she is married to WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar and is also a mom of 2 little boys.
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Nov 13: RAW in Atlanta, GA
Nov 19: Survivor Series in Houston, TX
Jan 28: Royal Rumble in Philadelphia, PA

WWE events listed above include appearances by Rena's husband Brock Lesnar. Not Rena/Sable.
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"I love Rena. Rena is a wonderful person. A wonderful woman but most of all she's a badass business woman. She takes no prisoners, you know. She is business, business, business."

[former WWE/ECW diva Dawn Marie]
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One of Rena's favorite books is "Angela's Ashes" by Frank McCourt.

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Photos, screencaps and candids from the 2003 Sable/Vince vs Steph feud.


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Date: November 6th
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Rena checking out her comic book “10th muse” as well as promoting Tidal Wave Comics by wearing their shirt.

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Date: May 17th
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Here are two more recent photos of Rena and Brock. One shows them after the NHL game (see update January 10) in january, the other after Brock’s daughter’s volleyball game last weekend.

Plus, another video from january I forgot to add earlier.

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Date: February 26th

June 23, 1996 King of the Ring (Milwaukee, WI)
“Wildman” Marc Mero (w/ Sable) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin


View Caps Here

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Whatever Works / Sable
She’s Got a Lock on Roles in and Out of Ring
July 05, 1999|Candace A. Wedlan |LA Times

Sable heated up cable when she was wrestling for the World Wrestling Federation on the USA Network. (She has been sidelined since last month when she pinned a $110-million lawsuit on Titan Sports Inc., which operates the WWF.)

The popular wrestler started out with the WWF in 1996 as a valet–a ring girl–before she stepped inside the ring in March 1998.

Sable (real name: Rena Mero) and her husband, wrestler “Marvelous” Marc Mero, live in her home state of Florida with their young daughter. She managed her husband’s career from 1996 to 1998.

Since June, Sable has taken a ringside seat while lawyers rassle over her lawsuit, which raises questions about her working conditions.

In the meantime, the former model is learning the ropes in Hollywood. TV Guide ran her on its cover twice and her second Playboy cover is due in September.

Question: What is there about your work that people don’t realize?

Answer: I think there are several things that people don’t get about wrestling, and one of the things is that we are entertainment. People say we should have responsibility as to what we are doing and for the role models we are being for the children who watch our shows. And I totally disagree with that. We are not sports. We are sports entertainment, a television show that’s put on to entertain the people. It’s your responsibility as a parent to monitor what your children watch. And if you feel that our show is inappropriate for them to watch, then by all means, don’t let them watch it. But it’s not our responsibility to put on a show that is right for your children.

Q: Is that the way it is in your home with your child, including watching TV?

A: I monitor everything she watches, every place she goes, everything she reads. I think, as a parent, that’s my responsibility. And that’s the most important job that I have in the world.

Q: Were you a scrapper when you were a kid?

A: Unfortunately, yes. I was a very feisty teenager and I got into a few altercations, and, you know, you mature and realize that’s not the proper way to handle things. So, yes, there was a time.

Q: How did you go from outside to inside the ring?

A: One evening, another female wrestler and I got into an altercation, and then the office and the manager of the company saw the response that it received from the fans, so they decided to have us have a wrestling match.

Q: So your wrestling career began as an argument, which started outside but finished inside the ring?

A: Yes. You have to understand that everything’s scripted out, and we do what we’re asked to do. And this was part of a story. It wasn’t anything that truly happened. You know, we’re sports entertainment, so we have to develop characters and story lines and keep the people interested in what they’re seeing.

Q: You were athletic in school, but had you done any wrestling?

A: Absolutely none at all and I had no interest in doing it. But it was a new challenge for me and I felt like I could pull it off.

Q: Describe your signature move–the Sablebomb.

A: Well, Sablebomb is a very devastating move that puts all my opponents out. It starts by placing my opponent’s head between my legs, and a lot of people don’t like to move from that position when they’re there, but . . . then, I wrap my arms around their midsection and pick them up, flip them through the air, and then I slam them on their back.

Q: Do you design or just buy your costumes for the ring?

A: I do both. I have a seamstress and we work together on designing my outfits, and some of them I just buy.

Q: You described your fighting style as “New Age women of the ’90s street brawl.” Is that right?

A: Yeah. Maybe not a street brawler but, you know, a street fighter incorporating kick boxing. It’s not the body-slamming, headlock takedown. It’s not the old style of wrestling.

Q: You’ve said that it probably surprises your fans when you describe yourself as “domesticated.”

A: Yes. I am very domesticated. Some of my favorite things in life are being a mother and a wife. That’s where I get the most enjoyment from. I love to cook. I love to read and decorate–most things that people would not picture Sable doing.

Q: What’s one of your favorite meals?

A: I love to cook pastas and sauces. Around the holidays I have a huge dinner party for about 40 people. I cook everything. I do all the baking. I truly enjoy that.

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American drag queen and singer Daniel Anthony “Danny” Noriega, better known by his stage name Adore Delano, stated on Twitter that he used to be a fan of Sable. Delano appeared on American Idol in 2008 & competed at RuPaul’s Drag Race making the final three.

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Date: October 25th
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We uploaded some more candid photos of Rena signing autographs & on the 1997 WWF/E cruise.

upd16917-2 upd16917-3 upd16917 upd16917-4
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Date: September 17th
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June 10, 1996 RAW (Fayetteville, NC)
“Wildman” Marc Mero (w/ Sable) vs. Skip

upd16830 upd16830 (2) upd16830 (4) upd16830 (3)
View Caps Here

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Date: August 30th
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RAW Magazine June 2003 Interview & Photos: This is Rena’s comeback interview. She mainly talks about leaving WWE in 1999 and returning in 2003. How and why she came back, what she did inbetween the 2 stints with WWE. Thoughts on Marc Mero, negative things said about her, being a celebrity and more.

WWE RAW Magazine - June 2003 COVER  WWE RAW Magazine - June 2003 Page 1 & 2 WWE RAW Magazine - June 2003 Page 3 WWE RAW Magazine - June 2003 Page 4  WWE RAW Magazine - June 2003 Page 5WWE RAW Magazine - June 2003 Page 6  WWE RAW Magazine - June 2003 Page 7 & 8 WWE RAW Magazine - June 2003 Poster 1 WWE RAW Magazine - June 2003 Poster 2

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