WWF Career 1998

January 5, RAW
They run a highlights package detailing Mero's continuing humiliation of Sable, along with the rise of Tom Brandi and his efforts to defend her.

The whole point of the match was to set up one spot where Mero flies out of the ring, landing on top of Sable in the process. Sable holds her ankle in pain. Brandi picks her up to carry her to the back, but Mero hits him from behind, tosses him back in the ring and nails him with the TKO. Mero signals for a second one, but is spun around and kicked by Steve Austin, who has put in another appearance. Mero rides the Stone Cold Stunner Express, earning a DQ win in the match for his troubles. Austin prepares to leave, pausing just long enough to give Sable a long, wicked look.

January 12, RAW  (Penn State University, Pennsylvania)
"Marvelous" Marc Mero comes to the ring. Over the mic he says ... well, I have no idea what he says. the mic doesn't work. Ross quickly covers, saying Mero told him earlier that he's had a change of heart regarding Sable and her coming to the ring. Sable's music starts up but instead of Sable it's Goldust entering the arena.

MARC MERO (w/ "Sable") vs. VADER
Vader dominates, but Goldust interferes. Sable comes out to question Goldust's actions, but Mero chases her off. Vader tosses Mero into the ring steps, then puts him away for good in the ring with a Vaderbomb. Goldust runs in and nails Vader in the back of the head with a pair of coconuts (taken from his bra). Vader wins via DQ.

January 19, RAW (Fresno, California)
Mero makes Sable put on a robe.

In the ring Brandi gently prompts Sable to move aside, then he blindsides Mero. The match starts off okay, but then slows down a bit. Someone brings Sable a bunch of flowers at ringside. Mero jumps out of the ring and orders her to leave (though she never does). Brandi tosses him back and the ring and they continue to go at it, trading moves and pin attempts. Sable eventually jumps up on the apron, drawing the referee over. Mero lands a low blow and puts Brandi away with the TKO.

Overall a so-so match. They seem to be implying that Sable maybe has a "secret admirer", and that we're supposed to think it's Brandi, though probably it'll turn out to be someone else. I think. Actually I'm not quite sure where they're going with this, and they're taking their sweet- ass time getting there.

February 2, WAR ZONE (Indianapolis, Indiana)
HEAD BANGER MOSH (w/ Thrasher) vs. MARC MERO (w/ Sable)
Mero makes Sable put on her robe and leave the ringside area. Sable receives a candy box from a "secret admirer".

February 9, WAR ZONE (Evansville, Indiana)
GOLDUST (w/ Marc Mero, Sable & Luna) vs. THRASHER (w/ Mosh)
Mero makes Sable go to the back, pissing off the crowd. During the match however Sable comes out for no reason and yells at Luna. Goldust comes over to yell at Sable. She slaps his face, stunning him long enough for Thrasher to roll him up from behind and get the pin. After the match Sable slaps Goldust and hits Luna.

February 15, No Way Out (Compaq Center, Houston, TX)
Headbangers vs. Marc Mero & Goldust (w/ Luna)

Before the match began, Marc Mero insisted that Sable leave to the backstage area so she would not interfere in his match. Again Sable comes back during the match, and in the commotion that ensues the Headbangers secretly switch places in the ring. An unaware Mero enters the ring, and Mosh quickly executes an inside cradle to score the pinfall. After the match Sable and Luna attempt to attack each other, but are restrained by Dustin and Mero. Sable then shoves Mero to the mat for his efforts.

February 21, RAW/WAR ZONE (Dallas, Texas)
Jerry "the King" Lawler interviews Marc Mero and Sable. Mero complains about how Sable stole the spotlight away from him when he was out with his injury. Mero tells the King that he tripped at the PPV (instead of Sable actually knocking him down). Someone then brings Sable flowers, which drives Mero even more nuts. Sable says that for a change someone is thinking about her and she walks out on him.

Lawler reveals that Goldust has promised to bring the "American Dream" back to the WWF on Monday. Goldust has his gold outfit back, but wears black boots and gloves. Okay match, though it's the finish everyone was interested in:
Sable comes out to ringside. As Mero is telling her to leave Luna picks up Sable bouquet of flowers and begins tearing it apart. Sable goes after Luna, with Mero struggling to hold her back. While all this is going on Cactus Jack knocks out Goldust with a chair, allowing Chainsaw Charlie to cover for the pin. MEANWHILE, down on the floor at ringside, Sable has started to, shall we say, escape from the confines of her black leather garment! As she rounds the corner of the ring her "assets" become fully exposed (though the camera shot is taken from somewhat long distance). For the remainder of the show-as Jerry Lawler howls "look at that!"-Sable chases Luna across the ring. Everything she has up top in full view of the live crowd-though not to the home audience, as the WWF uses an intricate assortment of long shots, alternate camera angles and quick cuts.

February 23, WAR ZONE (Waco, Texas)
Kevin Kelly gets a few comments from Luna in the lockerroom. Luna promises to beat up Sable if and when she shows her head.

MARC MERO (w/ Sable) vs. OWEN HART
Mero sends Sable back to the lockerroom before the match. She comes back out a minute or two into the match.

After the ref gets hit Mero lays in a low blow on Owen. He then puts him in the TKO, but Owen counters it by spinning through it, landing on his feet and applying a DDT. Owen turns Mero into the Sharpshooter and gets a rare, clean RAW main event win.

Luna runs out, barely held back by Dustin. The ring fills with officials to keep the two women apart. Sable pushes Mero down, forcing Goldust to come over and hold her back. Mero takes offense to Rhodes laying his hands on Sable and jumps him. Those two then have to be pulled apart. Rhodes finally gets Luna up the ramp. Sable grabs a mic and yells "you better get your ass back here, you little bitch!" Luna knocks Dustin down the ramp and nearly gets by him, but he scoops her up and goes back up the ramp. Sable is in hot pursuit as the show ends.

March 2, RAW (Cleveland, Ohio)
Sable comes out with Mero, but he sends her to the back. Mero wins the match fairly quickly with the TKO. Luna then comes out and gives Mero a kiss, but he spurns her advances. Goldust then runs out and jumps Mero. As they are fighting Sable comes out and a catfight ensues between her and Luna.
Sable whips Luna across the ring with a handful of hair. Goldust grabs Luna and the two leave. Mero then starts to argue with Sable, but she shoves him down. He starts to get up, but seeing the look on her face he thinks better of it and leaves.

Marc Mero is in the back with Sable. He'll be facing Goldust -and both Sable and Luna will be handcuffed to opposite ringposts. Mero takes great delight in slapping the cuffs on Sable's wrist.

GOLDUST (w/ Luna) vs. MARC MERO (w/ Sable)
Sable and Luna are handcuffed around the posts in opposing corners. The match itself isn't much, it's what comes after that counts.
Mero goes down in a collision with the ref. Goldust then applies the Curtain Call. Instead of going for the cover, however, he drops a leg on the referee! He fishes the handcuff key out of the ref's pocket and, after teasing Sable with it, releases Luna. Goldust and Luna then lay into Sable. Much to Sable's dismay Luna proceeded to smear black, red, and green coloring all over her face and hair and throw a drink in her face while Sable was still handcuffed. We now know Sable knows the word "bitch" and has no problem using it. Mero recovers after it's all done and looks legitimately pained that this has happened to Sable.

During a later interview Goldust and Luna challenged Mark & Sable to a mixed tag match at Wrestlemania XIV. Told you we would get some type of action out of Sable & Luna at Wrestlemania.

March 16, RAW (Phoenix, Arizona)
"Luna you bitch", was how Sable started and "I want you to get in the ring tonight so I can kick your ass", was how she ended her challenge to Luna.

LUNA (w/ Goldust) vs. SABLE (w/ Marc Mero)
Nothing really happens, as Goldust, Mero and several WWF officials refuse to let the two fight. The two try to break free, and at one point Sable gets through and rips Luna's shirt off, but that's about it.

Luna is finally herded out of the ring. Sable, meanwhile, seems to have turned her ankle or wrenched her knee and is unable to stand. As she and Mero argue over what happened and sort out how to get her out of the ring, the lights go out ...

Kane makes his way to the ring. Mero, in a seeming act of cowardice, vaults completely over the top rope and out of the ring, leaving Sable behind! Mero tells Jim Ross that he's going to get help and disappears. Paul Bearer teases Sable as Kane stalks closer and closer to her. He raises his hand, preparing to grab her throat and deliver a chokeslam, when ...

The lights go out.

A deafening cheer goes up as the Undertaker's purple light and music rises up.

March 23, WAR ZONE (Tucson, Arizona)
Sable comes to the ring to accept an award for being on the cover of the highest selling issue of the RAW Magazine. Marc Mero is with her, but he bows out before the presentation, accusing her of riding on the coattails of his career, and that he was going to let her have her "moment". Kevin Kelly then introduces Vince Russo, forgetting that we're all supposed to know him as Vic Venom. Sunny was also supposed to be there, but is "under the weather". Sable only gets in a few words before Goldust and Luna make their way to the ring. Luna grabs the plaque and smashes it over Sable's head, sending Sable to the ground. She then tear's Sable's dress. Russo whips off his coat to cover her up. Mero comes back out, warns Goldust that he's a "dead man!", and then berates Russo for not protecting Sable.

March 29, WrestleMania (Boston, Fleet Center)
Sable & Marc Mero vs Luna & Goldust
Marc Mero & Sable beat Goldust & Luna at 9:09 of a mixed tag match when Sable pinned Luna. In the first minute, the men tagged in the women. Sable chased Luna around the ring. Luna then tagged in Goldust before Sable could make contact with her. At 1:30 Sable tagged in, but Luna refused to tag in, too. At 3:45 Sable finally got her hands on Luna and took her hard to the mat and began slapping at her. The crowd popped huge. Sable threw some nice roundkicks at Luna in the corner to Luna's ribs and head. Sable gave Goldust a shot, then clotheslined Luna over the top rope. Already Sable showed more coordination than most recent American women wrestlers.
At 5:40 Goldust set up the Curtain Call, but Mero escaped and kneelifted Goldust. Mero hit a moonsault bodyblock and scored a near fall. Mero hit a top rope huracanrana for another near fall. Goldust bumped Luna off the ring apron accidentally, then Mero rolled him up for a near fall. Mero gave Goldust his TKO finisher at 7:25 and got absolutely no pop. Luna interrupted the pinfall attempt by raking Mero's back. Mero tagged in Sable who covered the KO'd Goldust, but the ref was late getting in position to make the count. Luna then jumped off the top rope, but Sable moved and Luna hit Goldust. Sable then powerbombed Luna for a near fall. Fans chanted "Sable, Sable." Sable reversed Luna into a TKO and scored the clean three count. Good match. Mero celebrated as if he won the match himself. Sable looked upset at Mero. [SCREENCAPS] [MORE PIX]

March 30, WAR ZONE (Albany, NY)
Before the match can start Luna appears and calls Sable a "slut" not once but twice and has now challenged Sable for the next PPV (Unforgiven). Sable immediately accepts. Luna says she wants an "Evening Gown Match", which is essentially a "Tuxedo Match". (The loser is the one stripped down to their underwear.) Even though Mero protests, Sable indicates that she accepts the challenge.

April 6, WAR ZONE (Syracuse, NY)
Mero says to Sable, "At WM14, I gave you the spotlight, now get the hell out of my face." Sable is blissfully silent in return, and walks off.

April 13, WAR ZONE (Pennsylvania, PA)
Luna calls out Sable - she wants to settle it right here, right now.

We dispense with the fireworks, so to speak, and bring out Goldust. "Luna, you little bitch! I'm fixin' to kick your ass!" Goldust does a mean Sable voice-alike. Luna takes "SableDust" down and then strips him down to his...er, unmentionables. Meanwhile, the real Sable bounces out and they fight for about, oh, 10 seconds until the refs and officials come out to break it up.

April 20, WAR ZONE (Nassau Colesium in Uniondale, Long Island, New York)
Luna grabs the mic and does the "Sable..." bit. She'll strip Sable of her soul, of her mind, and most importantly, of her clothes, "including your bra and panties!"

Michael Cole interviews Sable - Cole parrots Luna's interview - "Michael, does THIS body look like it could humiliate me?...The truth is Luna could strip me of everything...as long as I get my hands on her, I don't care if I'm naked" (paraphrased). Jim Ross says the WWF pay-per-view will appeal to those of us tired of "predictable, old" cards.

April 26, Unforgiven PPV
Evening Gown Contest - Sable vs Luna
Keeping her promise of stripping Sable down to her "bra and panties", Luna won the Evening Gown Match. Distracted by Marc Mero, Sable was attacked from behind and stripped of her clothes by Luna. She was left exposed in her purple thong panties and matching bra. After the match Sable goes fater Luna, hits her with the Sablebomb and tears her gown off. Luna then flees under the ring but Sable follows and moments later reappears with Luna's lingerie in hand which means Luna is naked under the ring.

April 27, WAR ZONE (Colesium in Hampton, VA)
MARVELOUS MARC MERO comes to the ring. "You want SABLE? (Yeah!) You want Sable? (Yeah!) Well, so do I. Sable, get out here right now!" And out she bounces. "Last night, you accomplished your task, in front of the entire world, you humiliated me! Standing in the ring with nothing on but your little bra and panties. You oughta be ashamed of yourself. You see what happens when the Marvelous one isn't in your corner?" "Yes, I saw what happened, and I liked it. In fact, I think all these people liked it too! But I know something they're gonna like even better, and that's when I put you in your place!" Mero wants to know what she'll do, beat him up? Sable says that she doesn't know, but she'll sure try. "Are you challenging me, the Marvelous one?" "You're damn right! Give me two weeks and I'll kick your ass in front of the entire world, right here on RAW!"

May 4, RAW(Colesium in Richmond, Virginia)
Let us take you back to last week, when Sable challenges Marc Mero to a match. We cut to some footage of Sable working out. This actually IS as exciting as it sounds, even if she didn't seem to break a sweat the entire time.

May 11, RAW/WAR ZONE (Baltimore, Maryland)

Kevin Kelly is in the back to get Steve Austin's reaction (whenever he arrives) - he sees Sable and tries to get a comment but she blows right by him.

We see Sable stretching. No comment can do this justice.

SABLE v. MARVELOUS MARC MERO - Sable looked great in her short, slit up the side black boxing trunks and black halter top coming out to ringside and waiting for Mark Mero to appear. Before we get any action, Sable takes the mic - "You know, I never thought you'd let it go this far." "Don't try to weasel out of this..." and he picks her up in a fireman's carry - then lets her go. "See what I could have done? I could have given you the TKO and knocked you out for good, but I didn't." Then he asks for an apology for trying to hold back his WWF career. Sable said "here's your apology" and proceeded to kick him where it would hurt the most. Once he went down she picked him up and actually "power bombed" him, much to his embarrassment and the crowd's delight. She then left the ring leaving him ranting and raving. Commentators think this is a breakup - we shall see.
May 18, RAW (Nashville Arena in Nashville, Tennessee)
SABLE bounces to ringside and calls out MARVELOUS MARC MERO, who complies. As Mero walks to ringside, we get a replay of last week's nutkick and Sablebomb as experienced by Mero. Crowd chants "Sable." "You know Marc, I've been thinking a lot about our relationship lately, and I'm willing to let bygones be bygones - if you can be an adult about this, we can have an amicable split, you can go your way and I can go mine." "Wait a second, you're telling me that you want to LEAVE Marvelous Marc Mero?" "That's what I'm saying." Mero pulls out the contract that Sable signed two years ago, and reminds her that he "owns" her, and demands that she get back into his corner. Apparently, she complies, but we immediately move into

TERRY FUNK v. MARC MERO (with Sable) - During the match Sable is up on the apron, trying to let the ref know that Mero's been cheating, and sure enough instead of counting a pinfall after the obligatory TKO, referee "Blind" Jack Doane is talking to Sable. Funk manages a DDT in here for the pin. And Sable smiles.

May 25, RAW (Chattanooga, Tennessee)
MARVELOUS MARC MERO (with Sable and Contract) v. FAAROOQ
- Clip from last week's RAW shows Funk defeating Mero while Sable looks on in contentment. Mero asks Sable to remove his jacket, and she RIPS it off in a violent fashion. Mero tries to use Sable as a shield, until Faarooq turns his back and then he gets taken down. It's all Mero until he puts his head down. Faarooq with a big powerslam and Mero rolls outside. Faarooq follows and drives Mero into the steel steps. Mero again uses Sable as a shield. Of course, that means he takes control after pushing Sable into Faarooq. Mero's delivering the bad mouth to Sable and a running kneelift to Faarooq. More talk for Sable. DDT on Faarooq and Sable is up on the apron. Can you see what's coming? Faarooq with a big clothesline and a pin.  And Sable's pretty smug about it. Mero grabs a mic and asks the fans to shut up while he displays the contract. "This Sunday at Over the Edge, you go out and find any WWF Superstar that can beat me without your help, and I'll tear up this contract and you're free to do whatever you please, however, and this is a big however, when I win, you have to leave the World Wrestling Federation forever! We got a deal this Sunday?" "I will see you this Sunday, Marc."

May 31, Over The Edge (Wisconsin Center Arena, Milwaukee, WI)
Loser Leaves WWF Match: Marc Mero vs. Sable
"I got myself into this, and I'll get myself out of this" are the words that Sable may regret the most since entering the WWF. After she made it clear that Marc Mero would be wrestling her and not a star wrestler from the WWF stables, Marc said "Look at what's happened to us because of wrestling Sable." He then told her he would do what he should have done all along, and laid himself down on the mat so she could get the 3 count on him. Unfortunately for Sable when the ref hit the 2 count, Marc rolled her over and pinned her for the count out. Sable dejectedly left the ring with Marc and some of the audience chanting "Na, na, na, nah....Na, na, na, nah.... Hey hey,hey, GOODBYE........... . Backstage Sable thanks the fans for their support & leaves. The last we saw of her she had her bags packed and was slowly leaving the arena.

June 1, RAW (Rosemont Horizon in Chicago, Illionis)
In fact, we see stills from last night's PPV showing Sable representing herself in the Mero match, losing, and being forced out of the World Wrestling Federation.

STEVE BLACKMAN (with Riggs & Murtaugh) v. MARVELOUS MARC MERO in a King of the Ring Qualifier - Mero grabs the mic. "You want Sable? Well guess what. Sable's home barefoot in the kitchen where she belongs. However, however, the lady I'm about to introduce, is everything that Sable is not. Not only does she know her place, not only does she have a body to die for, but she's black, she's beautiful, and she's mine. Ladies and gentlemen, the sultry, the sensuous, JACQUELINE!"

June 15, RAW (Freeman Colesium in San Antonio, Tejas)
SABLE, in apparent defiance of the clause in her PPV match, makes her way to the ring & grabs a mic: "Oh, it feels so good to be back..." Deafening "Sable" chant. "Thank you, but now I woud like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the person who's responsible for my return to the World Wrestling Federation - MISTER Vince McMahon!" He talks: "In an effort..." "Austin" chant is loud and strong "That's ok! He got his last week...but in an effort to clear up this alleged conspiracy theory concerning Vince McMahon, Sable I wonder if you'd be so kind as to read this prepared statement from me." And she does: "I, Vince McMahon, the Humanitarian of the Year...resent any and all accusations that I, last week, in my finest hour, would stoop so low as to use legitimate charitable organizations to further my personal agenda against Stone Cold Steve Austin. I hereby publicly disavow any reference or knowledge of the willful and heinous attack perpetrated on the current WWF Champion one week ago. I reamin steadfast in my resolve to be a caring, generous, and even jovial WWF Owner. And to furthermore bring the parties responsible for last week's attack on Stone Cold to justice. Thank you for your kindness and understanding, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the show." Sable sounds and looks as if she didn't believe a word she was reading but apparently, her diction is so perfect Vince is compelled to buss her on the cheek. "I certainly hope that clears up an alleged conspiracy. So ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for the return of Sable, thankyouverymuch." Suddenly, I hear glass...and it's STEVE AUSTIN himself. Austin is so kind as to part the ropes so Sable can exit the ring area. "I just want to let you know that while she was reading that bunch of crap that you wrote, I threw up about six times backstage..."

MARC MERO and JACQUELINE have made their way out to ringside. Mero wants to know why Sable is back. Ross suggests taking his grievance to Mr. McMahon. Mero says that if McMahon can do whatever he wants, then MERO is going to do whatever HE wants, too.

MARVELOUS MARC MERO (with Jacqueline) v. DUSTIN RUNNELS (no entrance) - During the match...a cry comes up from the crowd, and Sable is back, walking down the ramp. Runnels hits his bulldog! 1, 2, 3! Well, wait, what's all THAT about? We STILL don't know why Sable is here.

June 22, RAW (Frank Erwen Center in Austin, Texas)
MARVELOUS MARC MERO (with Jacqueline) v. JJ in a King of the Ring First Round Match -  Actually, the fans are bored enough to get a good "Sable" chant going. We learn that Sable is now being employed by TitanSports and not the WWF, so that's how she circumvented the loser-leaves-the-WWF clause. Back to match: Mero hits a Golotta and the TKO, but there's no ref. And now, who should come out but SABLE. Do we all know what's happening now? Yup, pin for Jarrett after a kick to the gut and DDT combo. Jarrett promises that the King of Country Music will become King of the Ring. The first semifinal is set - Shamrock vs. Jarrett. Meanwhile, Sable has cost Mero another match.

SABLE reappears. "Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, now I would like to introduce to you the World Wrestling Federation champion - STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!" And out he comes, in a new shirt  - a pinstripe jersey. "I know you're not out here by yourself just for no reason. I want you to go back there and give Vince McMahon a message..." and he teaches Sable how to use her middle finger (well, to make the bird signal, yeah). Austin checks under the ring but there's nobody there. Sable's walking off.

June 29, RAW (Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio)
Sable enters  wearing what Ross describes as a "spiffy" outfit. "Ladies and gentlemen, Vince McMahon, the owner of the World Wrestling Federation, is pleased to announce that he has signed to an exclusive contract, one of the greatest wrestlers in the world - STEVEN REGAL!"  Sable joins the commentators at the table, so instead of talking about the match, we ask about Sable's terms of return to the WWF. Sable says that she's unable to discuss them. Split screen shows Sable on the right, the match on the left. Sable again gives a "no comment" when Ross asks about her relationship to Mr. McMahon. Ross tries again, asking why she was in the Owner's box at last night's PPV, and again receives a "no comment."

July 6, WAR ZONE (State College, Pennsylvania)
MARVELOUS MARC MERO and JACQUELINE walk to the ring as we see replays from last week's Mero/Blackman embarrassment (for Mero, or for RAW viewers? ha!) Big "Sable" chant. "Now listen up! I been quiet long enough, now it's time to talk. I take full responsibility for my man losing that fight last week. You see everybody knows my man is the greatest boxer in the world, but unfortunately, the day before that fight was our two-month anniversary - so let's say that me and my man went twelve rounds the night before until his tank was empty. You see, my man, before he met me, been deprived for a very long time. It seems like this woman he HAD wasn't able to fill his needs. Sable wasn't able! You know, she look real good but there was no motor under that hood. She couldn't shift the gear when Marc was ready to steer." Out bounces SABLE, with a few double entendres of her own. "Oh Jackie - Honey you got the story all wrong. You see, I've always had my pedal to the metal - it's just that Marc's tire was flat. You see back then, they didn't make Viagra to keep his tank full." "Look girlfriend - the difference between you and me is that I'm 100% woman. I know what a man wants, 'cause baby, I've got tha goods! You see, honey, this body is primo real estate." "Yeah, but the question is, how many times have you rented it out?" "Look, skank I'll tell you what - why don't you prove it? Show it off in a bikini contest!" "Jackie, don't just blow it, show it! 'Cause my bikini will be Fully Loaded - and ready to drop that bomb on you!"

July 13, RAW (ConAir Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey)
SABLE bounces out to join the commentators. Ross and Michaels make two different "Fully Loaded" puns, while Lawler fawns over her headset. "Anything I say complementary about her, Jennifer, is a joke." See, Shawn IS whipped! Sable promises that the suit she'll wear at Fully Loaded will make her Slammy suit look like an evening gown.

MARVELOUS MARC MERO (with Jacqueline) v. STEVE BLACKMAN (with Riggs & Murtaugh) -  The fans are so into this match they're chanting "Sable" as if it was "Goldberg." Next thing we know, Jackie is trash-talking Sable. Next thing we know, referee Jim Korderas is out to separate the two women. Meanwhile, in the ring Mero has done his trademarked low blow, and a fallaway slam - why not a TKO? Because he's calling up Jacqueline for a top rop manoeuvre. Unfortunately, we don't get to see it, because Sable has moved the rope, crotching Jackie! Neither the commentators nor myself have any idea if that actually hurts...anyway, Blackman hits a snappy high kick for the pin. Mero is annoyed that Sable's cost him another match.

July 20, RAW (Broome County Arena in Binghamton, NY)
MARVY MARC MERO and JACQUELINE walk out. Let Us Take You Back to last week's exciting crotch shot of Jacqueline perpetrated by Sable. Big "Sable" chant. "Doesn't she look MARVELOUS?" "Hey Sable, I got something to tell ya girlfriend..." well, the upshot is Jackie's giving Sable a chance to give up now, and raise her hand in victory. Out comes Sable in a dress: "You ain't nuthin' BUT a tramp!" She hits the ring. Words are exchanged, the dress is removed.  The twist to this segment is that while we're all watching Sable walk away, EDGE makes an appearance to deliver "the downward spiral" on Mero, and then run away through the crowd.  Some words I failed to transcribe during this segment: skank, sow, ho, Sable saying her body kept people "up all night" and some other Springer-type excitement.

July 26, Fully Loaded PPV 
Bikini Contest- Sable vs Jacqueline
It was certainly an interesting "Fully Loaded" PPV. First Jacqueline came out with Marc Mero and revealed her bathing suit, which was quit fetching. Parading around and looking hot she even flashed us more breast than was revealed by her outfit, if that was really possible. Then Sable came out. As she disrobed we were disappointed by the fact that she was wearing a halter top with bikini bottoms. Jerry the King was going nuts because he had already seen what she was going to wear before "Fully Loaded" had begun during the pre-show interview. Sable then went on to explain that Mr. McMahon had asked her to be conservative and told her she didn't really need to do more just to please the audience. "Of course Mr. McMahon's idea of conservative and mine are not the same" she said and then she told us "here's my idea of conservative".

With that she pulled the halter top off to reveal to us her chest with nothing but two hands body painted on, one on each breast. Jacqueline by this time was going out of her mind and apparently so was Vince McMahon who came down to ringside and forced Sable to cover up by wearing his coat. He then escorted her up the ramp and back stage while letting her know exactly how he felt about her performance.

July 27, RAW (Anaheim, California)
Shot of Sable getting her hair teased...later she'll tease US with a RAW bikini.

Jerry Lawler brings out JACQUELINE (with Marvelous Marc Mero) and SABLE for the big trophy presentation for last night's "bikini" contest. Just before presenting the big trophy, Lawler is handed a note "from the desk of Mr. Vince McMahon: Due to the fact that body paint does not constitute a bikini, Mr. McMahon has disqualified Sable from the bikini contest and is declaring Jacqueline the winner!" which caused immediate disapproval from the crowd. If you're going to split hairs, Jackie wore a one-piece, but I guess we're not going to split hairs. Sable's reply: "You know I don't need any stupid trophy to tell me that I won this contest. I think the fans spoke for themselves. I'm not surprised at all that this happened, in fact I rather expected it. I only wish that Mr. McMahon would have been man enough to come and tell me to my face." If you're thinking this will bring out VINCENT K., you're right. As the crowd cheers Sable's comments, out strolls Vince who appeares to be extremely upset. While walking to the ring he askes her several times "Did you say man enough?"  Vince is growling, faking kicks at the photographers, bullying Lawler out of the ring. ""You dare question my masculinity? Me, Vince McMahon. I've dealt with a lot of ingrates that I've made superstars before, but I never thought you'd be one of them. Marc Mero tricked you - you were no longer contractually here in the World Wrestling Federation. Who was the knight in shining armor? Me - Vince McMahon." Vince gets hit with a roll of toilet paper and not only takes it in stride, but in character. Vince tells Sable that people like her are "a dime a dozen" and he'd have no problem replacing her with any number of "bimbos and airheads." He makes it clear that she is in debt to him and he plans on "collecting," as he twirls her hair around his finger. It ends with Vince snarling, telling her not to be an "ungrateful bitch." In return, Sable flashed the double bird to Vince behind his back and displaying her RAW bikini.

August 3, RAW (San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, California)
MARVELOUS MARC MERO (with Jacqueline and the trophy ) v. GOLGA (with Sable) - Let Us Take You Back to last week where Jacqueline is announced the winner of the bikini contest via a disqualification, thus securing the trophy. "What do you think? Does she look marvelous?" Why, yes, she does. You read right, that's Sable with Golga. Ross asks what happened to the Jackyl and I have to wonder the same thing. "Marc, oh Marc, I brought a present for you, and Jacqueline, I've got a really big surprise for you too. In the past,, we may have been enemies, but now we have a mutual understanding...gentleman, if you will..." And a thousand strings fire up - and here's KURRGAN and GIANT SILVA, in tuxedos. Kurrgan sings "There She Is, Miss America." No, I am NOT making this up. Apparently, "Miss America" is PRINCESS LUNA, out in robe and bouquet. I guess Luna is the "enemy" Sable was referring to.

Sable is at the commentary table. "Well Luna has always been the beauty queen of the World Wrestling Federation, or the self proclaimed beauty queen of the World Wrestling Federation, and actually once you get to know all of them them, they are nice people..." Sable says we shouldn't judge people by their outward appearances - a lesson for Mero, apparently. Jacqueline tries to trip up Golga, so Luna waffles her with the bouquet. Now a catfight is teased, which means that referee Mike Ciota has to get between the ladies  - this also means that Mero hits a Golotta, but it doesn't matter as Silva hits a GIANT chokeslam. Golga does his Earthquake impression with a butt drop and Mero is pinned.

August 10, RAW (Unnamed Arena in Omaha, Nebraska)
SABLE comes to the ring. "Ladies and gentlemen, being accompanied to the ring tonight by the Oddities, I give you - LUNA!" Yep, there's KURRGAN, GIANT SILVA, GOLGA, and PRINCESS LUNA, coming to the ring. Luna and Jacqueline will wrestle NEXT!

JACQUELINE (with Marc Mero and the trophy) v. LUNA (with Golga, Kurrgan, Giant Silva and Sable) - clip from last week shows Luna beating Jacqueline with a bouquet of roses. It's a hairpulls aplenty match, so let's watch Marc Mero up on the apron. Sable pulls him off. When Mero turns to face Sable, Kurrgan approaches Mero until he thinks better of it. Luna hits a Thesz press, which is like a wrestling move. Back to the punching. Jacqueline with the hairpulls and Luna with the athletic flips. Knee to the crotch by Jackie. Jackie to the top rope - whoops, time for the now-World Famous Sable-crotches-Jackie-on-the-rope spot. Luna with a swinging neckbreaker and a splash to - Jackie's. Pin. Sable gives Luna the Bikini Contest trophy, which Luna accepts with smiles and tears. Silva and Kurrgan put Luna on their shoulders. Ross is  saying "The Oddities - they feel wanted! They feel good about themselves! ...thanks to Sable!"

August 16, Heat
On Sunday Night Heat Jacqueline made it clear to Sable that she wasn't a bit happy about having the trophy stolen from her last week. Jacqueline began the verbal contest by taunting Sable with "Hey Sable, get your Madison Ave. butt down here right now, because I've got somethin' to say." "So put down those wing dings, and put down that cheap wine, and show your face you swine."

At this point Sable came out from backstage and replied "Jackie I like my wine fine and my men even finer, the only thing cheap around here is your perfume, and oh ya', of course your day rate." Jacqueline looked like she was going to explode. "Look honey I'm not playin', I want my damn trophy back. I've already beat you in a bikini contest, and you don't want any part of this in the ring," Jacqueline said as she showed off her great body covered in a tight leopard skin outfit. "But hell we can arm wrestle for it" she continued "so why don't you put your toothpick arms into play?" Sable stood there for a few seconds looking at the audience like 'can you believe this girl'? Sable then told Jacqueline "Whatever your game is I'll beat you at it. Whether it's a bikini contest, a wrestling match or an arm wrestling contest, baby I'll be ready to drop a bomb on you!" With that having been said, Sable turned around and walked backstage leaving Jacqueline in the ring with a disgusted look on her face.

August 17, RAW
Sable is stretching

Sable is STILL stretching. Let Us Take You Back to last night's Sunday Night Heat where Jacqueline and Sable trade Jerry Springer lines and Jackie challenges Sable to an arm-wrestling match for tonight. Sable will drop the bomb on Jacqueline. Winner gets the bikini contest trophy.

SABLE  v. JACQUELINE - Armwrestling
First Sable came out to ringside looking real nice in her black tight shorts and "Sable Bomb" t-shirt carrying the bikini contest trophy she had stolen from Jacqueline the previous week. Taking up the mic after entering the ring Sable said "Jacqueline, if I've got something you want, then come out and get it" and which point Jacqueline strolled to ringside without Marc Mero by her side. This looked to be shaping up into a one on one cat fight with no one else involved.

Both women stared each other down while the referee began explaining the rules to them. Sable looked at ease, while Jacqueline seemed to be nervous about the competition. Once they interlocked their hands, the ref began doing a final check on women's grip, and was about to start the match, when Jacqueline quickly broke away complaining to the ref about Sable. While the ref was admonishing Jacqueline for her actions Sable was shouting "Come on, come on lets go!" Referee Hepner then brought them together once again, decided they were good to go and started the competition.

Jacqueline immediately seemed to have the advantage, with her more muscular arms bending Sable's closer and closer to the table. Sable began coming back though, which caused Jacqueline to furiously shake her head back and forth and scream "nooooo!!" as she starting to lose control of the match. Then once again it was her turn to get Sable's arm down about half way to her hopeful victory. Sable back up, Jacqueline back down to about the same point, then Sable back up even once again. Then just as Sable was getting Jacqueline to about the halfway point, Jacqueline broke the grip completely, took a step back, and pushed the into Sable, who fell backwards, allowing the table to fall right onto her stomach while she was flat on her back. It only kept her pinned for a few seconds before she pushed it off, grasping her stomach while she stayed on her knees trying to recuperate from the surprise.

Still crawling on her hands and knees while Jacquelyn gloriously displayed to everyone that she had the trophy back in her possession  Sable was once again attacked by Jacqueline, but this time she broke the trophy over the back of Sable's head. At this point Marc Mero began running to ringside just a few steps ahead of the "Oddities" who were looking for his and Jacqueline's blood. Luna immediately went over to Sable to make sure that she was alright, and eventually Giant Silva carried Sable back stage.

Another backstage shot shows Sable walking with purpose towards the entranceway.

SABLE's back out to the ring. "Jackie, you bitch! Get your ass out here 'cause you and me are gonna fight!" "Sorry ho, I wasn't born yesterday. Me and my man would NOT walk into a trap. I know those freaks are hanging around..." Jackie challenges Sable to pick a partner and take on Mero & Jacqueline at SummerSlam. Suddenly, the ODDITIES appear and bust them up.

August 24, RAW (Philadelphia, PA)
SABLE bounces out - whoops, time for a break.

"Being accompanied to the ring tonight by the ODDITIES, I give you KURRGAN!" Well, that wasn't worth sitting through an ad break.

KURRGAN  v. MARVELOUS MARC MERO -  Sable stays behind to smile approvingly while Kurrgan busts the proverbial move. Whilst Kurrgan has his way with Mero, a fan attacks Sable - well, actually it's JACQUELINE disguised in funky dreads and floppy hat - by the time Kurrgan turns around to see Sable getting beaten up - Mero hits the Golotta and is DQ'd. The Oddities run out and Mero and Jackie run away through the crowd. Don't worry though, Sable's outfit stayed on even though her hair got a little messed up.

August 30, SummerSlam (Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY)
Mixed Tag Match: Sable & Edge vs. Marc Mero & Jacqueline

Sable comes to ringside and introduces her partner, Edge, who emerges from the crowd. Mero and Edge start the match and are slow to lock up, before Mero attacks with kicks and punches in the corner. The Edge dodges a clothesline, and lands a quick rolling DDT. Jacquline is tagged in, but as Sable enters the ring but Jacquline quickly tags Mero once more, and Sable is forced to go to the corner again. Mero takes the upper hand with the assistance of Jacqueline, and attempts his "TKO", but the Edge turns the move into a DDT. Jacqueline and Sable get into the ring, and Sable quickly takes her off her feet, and lands various quick kicks. Sable then attacks Mero on the outside, and attempts to land a powerbomb on Mero, but is saved by Jacqueline, who then uses the ring ropes to choke out Sable. Sable gets on her feet and lands the "TKO" finisher on Jacqueline, but is pulled from the ring by Mero. After Sable is attacked on the outside, Jacqueline attempts a clothesline, but hits Mero instead. The Edge then lands a tope from the ring onto Mero on the outside, and follows this up by spanking Jacqueline who had come to assist Mero. The Edge and Mero then trade attacks on the outside, ending when Sable lands a huricarana from the top rope on Mero, and attempts a cover. Jacqueline attempts a splash, but lands on Mero instead. Edge then picks up Sable and drops her on Mero for the pin.

September 13, Heat
On Sunday Night Heat, we were taken to the set of Pacific Blue where Sable was filming an upcoming episode. Sable challenged Jacqueline to an evening gown match to be aired on Monday Night Raw tomorrow night.

September 14, RAW (San Jose Arena)
JACQUELINE (with Marvy Marc Mero) v. (THE LOVELY) SABLE in an Evening Gown Match -  Sable won. Then Sable took her own nightgown off so the fans would cheer some more. Yes, friends, the REAL winners were the FANS! Wow!

September 20, Heat
Sable appeared with Luna and the 'Oddities' to be at ringside during the match between Luna and Jacqueline. After Luna lost the match and Jackie/Marc were heading to the dressing room, Sable issued once again, another challenge to Jacqueline. "Jackie you get out here!" Jackie replied "You don't tell me what to do. I've got something for you, and I'm not talking about a bikini contest, or arm wrestling contest. Tomorrow night on Raw, I'm challenging you to a wrestling match. If you think your woman enough, pin me!" Sable responded to the challenge by saying "Pin you... that should be easy enough, after all you get nailed enough. You've got it tomorrow night on Raw!"

September 21, RAW (Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA)
Womens Title SABLE v. JACQUELINE (with Marc Mero)
Cornette actually says the name "Alundra Blayze" just to make me happy. As Sable enters the ring, we see a shot of the woman everyone's identifying as TERRI POWERS except the commentators - just to set us up for weeks down the road. Let Us Take You Back to the War Zone last week, where Sable gave the powerbomb to Jacqueline and won the Evening Gown match.
Shane does commentary.. interesting! Jacqueline started by throwing Sable into the corner of the ring, but Sable easily slipped from her grasp turning the tables on Jackie. Sable began karate kicking Jackie several times to the stomach and then a devastating kick to the side of her head. Sable then let Marc distract her which allowed Jacquelyn the chance to knock her senseless from behind. Jackie then grabbed Sable and pushed her into the opposing corner where she gave Sable the same treatment with a couple of kicks and then rammed Sable in the mid section with her body several times. As Sable began crawling across the ring, Jacqueline began taunting her to get up, and each time Sable tried Jackie would punt kick her right in the ribs. As Sable tried once more to get up Jacquelyn put her in a DDT and it looked like the match was already over. Fortunately for Sable she was able to kick out on the count of two and the match continued.

After complaining to the ref about his slow count, Jackie snatched Sable up from the mat and placed her over the middle rope, using to choke Sable with. As the ref was admonishing Jackie for her tactics Marc Mero was able to choke Sable for several more seconds as Jackie made sure that she kept the ref busy by arguing with him so that his back was turned away from Sable. The moment Marc was through Jackie sat on top of Sable who was still draped over the rope. Mark then directed Jackie to take a running start from the opposite side of the ring which would allow her to crush Sable totally while still hanging over the rope, but their plan backfired. Just as Jacqueline made her jump Sable moved and Jacquelyn got a rope between her thighs instead of her opponent.

Jackie who was in obvious pain was then picked up and thrown to the mat by Sable who began choking her unmercifully. Sable then picked her up, threw her over her back, and delivered a 'clothes line' to Jackie each time she got up. Finally Sable grabbed Jackie by the hair and threw her out of the ring. Marc Mero was furious with Sable and while telling her so while standing on the ring apron, he to became a floor ornament as Sable decked him for all she was worth. As Marc aided Jackie by helping her back into the ring Sable grabbed Jackie and tried to suplex her over the top rope and back into the ring. Sadly this was Sable's downfall. Mark wisely picked that moment to grab Sable's leg, holding on for dear life, which allowed Jackie to fall on top of Sable for a possible three count. As the ref who got down on the mat to make the count he was unable to see that Marc was still holding Sable's leg. The rest is history as Jacquelyn got the pin and is now the WWF Women's Champion. (2:51)

Cole interviews 'em: "She's a BAAAAAAAADD woman! We're going to Disneyland!" Sable is furious. Say, what's the deal with Sable and Mr. McMahon anyway?

October 5, RAW (Breslin Center in East Lansing, Michigan)
Shot of Sable getting made up.

Ad; Sable will be on Pacific Blue next Sunday night - in a startling dramatic turn, she'll play a woman behind bars!

Jerry 'The King' was all over himself when Sable came down to the announcer's both for the Marc Mero/Vader match to be a guest announcer and discuss her loss to Jackie for the WWF Women's Championship Belt. As Mero and Jackie were coming down to ringside Jim Ross asked Sable about her thoughts about not having the belt. Sable told him "She may be the WWF's women's champion at this time, but that is a title that I want to hold, and it's something that I'm going to be working very hard to achieve. I'm not going to be satisfied until I represent the World Wrestling Federation. I would say that she is not only a disgrace to the WWF, but she is also a disgrace to Marc, and to herself as well." Jim Ross later asked her about the rumors about her going into intense training to get the belt away from Jacqueline. "Yes that's true. After that match I decided to make it my personal goal to achieve the women's belt". Also, Sable shakes the hand of "Terri Power".

VADER v. MARC MERO (with Jacqueline) - Huge "Sable" chant rises up. Mero poses to Sable ("I'm still on his mind" says Sable). Mero wins the match. Jacqueline got into the ring and as she was struttin' her stuff Sable happened to be watching her. "Hey Sable, watcha' lookin' at? You want a piece of me?" Sable removes her headset to a thunderous ovation. She enters the ring. As she started towards Jackie, Mark stepped in the way "Whoa, whoa, whoa..." he told her as he stood toe to toe with Sable. "The only reason your upset, is because as a women, you could never satisfy Marvelous Marc Mero, you know it and everybody else knows it!" Of course as Mark was finishing this comment he made sure that Sable's back was towards Jackie. Just as Sable slapped him, Jackie attacked from her favorite position, knocking Sable to the ground, and then pulled a pair of scissors out of her boots. Riding Sable who was on her knees trying to get away. Jackie cut a pretty large piece of Sable's hair of, then shows off the hair as she and Mero share a laugh.

October 11, Heat
Jaqueline defended her title in a match against Starla Saxton. After the bell had rung Jacqueline kept kicking Starla all over the ring, but this left an opening for Sable to jump into the ring and get Jackie from behind for a change!

Sable immediately grabbed Jackie by the hair and threw her halfway across the ring. As soon as she got up Sable put a 'clothesline' on her knocking her down once again. Not having had enough apparently, Jackie picked herself up once again, and as she started towards Sable she got a boot right in the mouth by a well placed karate kick, that knocked her down and out of the ring. This finally seemed to make Jackie think about taking any further action, so she and Marc quickly left the arena.

October 12, RAW (Nassau Colesium in Uniondale, Long Island, NY)
MICHAEL KING COLE, backstage, drools over SABLE, who appeared on Pacific Blue last night.  Sable says she has one thing on her mind, and that is becoming the WWF Women's Champion, then she goes into a room, brings out JACQUELINE by her hair ("her" being either Jackie or Sable's hair, depending) and drags her out to the crowd. Big brawl o' fun.  Mero and the cart o' officials break things up.

October 18, Judgment Day
Sable was absent from the Judgment Day PPV other than a real quick interview involving Doc and Al Snow/Head. She told Al "By the way Al, everybody's always interested in a little head."

October 26, RAW (Kohl Center Arena)
SABLE comes out to challenge Jacqueline to a match at Survivor Series, "Oh Jacqueline... Honey if you've got the time I've got the place. Survivor Series, just you and I. Oh yeh, just one more thing, there will be a new WWF Women's Champ", and with that she waved bye-bye to Jackie and left the stage.

November 8, Heat
We got to see a video showing Sable in training for 'The Deadly Games' PPV scheduled for next week.

November 9, RAW (Dallas, TX)
Clip showing SABLE working out


November 15, Heat
We started off with an interview in the ring during Sunday Night Heat where Sable guaranteed us that she would become the new Women's WWF Champion. During the interview Marc Mero came out to the ring to plead with Sable, "Nobody knows you as good as I do. I'm out here out of the goodness of my heart, to give you a chance. You see tonight, Jacqueline is gonna hurt you Sable, your no wrestler, you never will be a wrestler, and if you were smart you would just say no!" At that moment Jackie who had apparently come to ringside through the audience unseen, attacked Sable from behind, using the Championship belt to clobber Sable - is this the only way the great Women's WWF Champ knows how to take care of business? Jackie then taunted Sable who was down on the mat, telling what she was going to do to her during the upcoming match. Raising Jackie's hand in victory, both Marc and Jackie left the ring. A few minutes later we went to a backstage interview with Sable who was extremely upset by Jackie's ambush tactics. Asked whether Jackie had now thrown her off her game plan Sable replied "She didn't throw me off my game plan, the only thing that Jacqueline did was piss me off! Now I'm more determined than ever."

November 15, Survivor Series (Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY)
WWF Women's Heavyweight Championship: Sable vs. Jacqueline

Jackie and Marc came out to ringside looking all cocky and assured that they were going to get the win. Sable on the other hand appeared to be 'all business'. Before Jackie could even get in the ring Sable was over in the corner telling Jackie to get her butt in there.

Marc took this opportunity to go to the other side of the ring and distract Sable, thereby once again allowing Jackie to attack her opponent from behind, knocking her down to the mat. Jackie started yelling "You want me, you want me, come on!" and began kicking Sable who was still unable to get up from the blow that Jackie had struck from behind. Sable quickly recovered and after a minute or so was able to put the 'TKO' on Jackie and try for a pin. Once the ref began the count, Marc grabbed Sable by the leg and pulled her out of the ring. Marc would regret this action, since as soon as Sable confronted him she promptly kicked him in the groin, then gave Marc a 'Sable Bomb' right to the arena floor. Sable who was focusing her attention on Marc rather than her opponent, gave Jackie the chance to attack from behind for the third time during the evening. After dealing Sable another deadly blow to the back, Jackie quickly threw her back into the ring.

Jackie went back to her favorite tactic in the ring. While Sable tried to get back up Jackie would kick her in the mid-section and yell at her "You want me, you want me" and then kick her some more. Jackie then drug Sable over to the middle rope and began choking Sable with it. Jackie broke the hold once during the ref's count, then went right back to choking Sable some more. While Sable was trying to get her breath back, Jackie snatched her by the head and slammed her right into the turnbuckle. Spinning Sable around Jackie punished Sable even more, treating her like a rag doll, by kicking her in the mid-section again 4 or 5 times. Pulling Sable from the corner and to the middle of the ring, Jackie began to set her up for a 'Power Bomb' of her own, only to have Sable flip her over her back. Sable headed to the opposing corner, only to have Jackie grab her and set her up in the corner for a 'Tornado DDT'.

This was Jacqueline's last chance at retaining the belt, as the underdog Sable took over from here. Sable countered the move and threw Jackie down on the mat face first and then picked her up for the 'Sable Bomb', which she successfully put on Jackie to win the match and the belt.

Match Time: 03:15
Winner: Sable by Pinfall

November 16, RAW (Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY)
SABLE comes out to be interviewed by MICHAEL KING COLE. Lawler perks right up almost instantly. Sable: "It's been a wild ride, but last night at the Survivor Series was the greatest accomplishment of my career. And tonight I would like to dedicate the Woman's Championship to all the fans of the World Wrestling Federation who have made Sable who she is." From backstage we heard a voice "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey, hey, hold on a second" as Shane McMahon made his appearance on the stage. "Sable... you want to dedicate the WWF Women's Championship to the fans? The fans made Sable? Oh no, no, no sweetheart, that is definitely wrong, there is only one man who made Sable and that is 'the man', Vincent K. McMahon, my pops." He then went on to tell her how much Vince had done to make her a star and that she really had nothing to do with it. This certainly raised Sable's hackles as she responded "Made me a star? I'm where I'm at in the World Wrestling Federation because I worked damn hard for it! Nobody gave me anything!!! Shane says "oh, you must have worked real hard, because that's what real women do." Sable says something about the only women he knows are the ones he can buy, "and honey this one ain't for sale!"

November 22, Heat
It seems that Sable may have a bone to pick with Debra McMichael. During a match between Jeff Jarrett and Kurrgan, Luna and the rest of the Oddities were having problems with The Insane Clown Posse, giving Debra a chance to get in the ring and use her female charms and ample body on the unsuspecting Kurrgan. That's all Jeff needed as he snuck up behind his opponent and clobbered him with the guitar and won the match (of course the ref wasn't looking).

For some reason Sable took offense to this and called Debra down to the floor for a little one-on-one. As Sable was telling Debra what she thought about her tactics Debra was telling Sable "No one tells me what to do!" As Jeff grabbed Debra and began walking away Sable was still letting Debra know what she thought.

November 30, RAW (Baltimore, Maryland)
Shane: "A reminder to Sable where she started. All of you remember where Sable started, don't you? She started right here on this stage, modeling WWF T-shirts. If it wasn't for the marketing genius of my pops, Mr. McMahon, Sable would be absolutely nowhere. Vince took Sable's career to superstar status. Well, ladies and gentlemen without further ado, your World Wrestling Federation Women's Champion - Sable!" And there's  SABLE, carrying the title belt and a bottle of "WWF Attitude". Shane hypes the fragrance, mispronouncing "eau de toilette," and has Sable spray it on so he can smell it. After that happens, she sprays it in his face, then says it "also makes a delicious breath spray" before putting on the angry face and walking to the back.

December 27, Houseshow
Vince McMahon defeated Mankind in an arm wrestling match with Sable acting as the special referee; the stipulation said that the winner would receive a kiss from her.

December 28, RAW (Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY)
Backstage, Sable is stretching.

SABLE v. SPIDER LADY for the Women's World Championship - Sable is accosted by a fan prior to the match - Terri Power. Anyway, we're not supposed to know who it is, just "a fan" who hands Sable a yellow rose and is quickly skirted away by security - Sable looks puzzled. Lawler reminds us that the last time we saw Spider Lady, it was Moolah, it AIN'T Moolah this time. While Sable had her back turned during the announcement of her opponent, placing her rose and Title Belt down, her masked opponent jumped into the ring and attacked Sable. Spider Lady totally THROTTLES Sable on the ropes, then kicks a field goal with her ribs. Another big kick. Her belt is off and there's a whuppin' goin' on. Finally, the ODDITIES are out to hold back the - whoa, she unmasks and it's LUNA! She goes for Sable one more time before they stop her. Anyway, Luna walks off, yelling "it's about me! It's about what *I* deserve!" as the Oddities check on the Champ.

Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago as Spider Lady attacked Sable from behind, including some mean belt shots to both Sable and the apron next to her, Luna unmasking, and backstage, we see the four male Oddities checking on Sable...

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