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Short Bio
Rena Marlette Greek was born on August 8, 1967 in Jacksonville, Florida. In 1996 she got signed by the WWE and portrayed the character of "Sable". In only 3 short years she became a huge success earning her the WWE Women's Championship. Her popularity led to Playboy offering her to pose for their magazine which she did twice in 1999 and again in 2004. Rena left the WWE in 1999 and returned to the company in 2003. During that time she filmed movies, modeled and was the on-screen CEO of the XWF. In 2004 Rena retired from the wrestling bizz. Today she is married to WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar and is also a mom of 2 little boys.
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Mar 8: daughter Mariah's bd (27)
Mar 9: RAW in Pittsburgh, PA
Mar 23: RAW in Los Angeles, CA
Mar 29: WrestleMania in Santa Clara, CA
Mar 30: RAW in San Jose, CA
Apr 10: stepdaughter Mya's bd (13)
May 6: Rena & Brock's 9th anniversary
Jun 3: son Turk's bd (6)
Jul 12: hubby Brock's bd (38)
Jul 21: son Duke's bd (5)
Aug 8 Rena's bd (48)

WWE events listed above include appearances by Rena's husband Brock Lesnar. Not Rena herself.
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"I workout just about everyday and do a lot of cardio. Eating is the most important aspect of looking lean. I eat egg whites and whole wheat bread for breakfast followed by chicken breast, potatoes, rice, fish with fruits and vegetables for lunch & dinner."

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In 2000 Rena was hired to be a one-time assistant coach for the Syracuse Smash lacrosse team to attract people to the sport.

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February 26th Media Update: No Way Out Of Texas 1998

Marc Mero & Goldust took on the Headbangers at the 1998 No Way Out of Texas PPV. Sable & Luna joined their men at ringside but due to Mero’s jealousy over Sable receiving all the attention of the audience, he sent her away to the back before the match began. But Sable decided she wasn’t going to take orders anymore:

nwoot nwoot (2) nwoot (3) nwoot (4)
[Caps: click thumbnails above > 1st stint caps> 1998> Feb-June> 02 14 No Way Out]

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February 18th Marc Mero talks Rena/Brock/HoF +more

Rena’s exhusband Marc Mero appeared on the Undisputed Wrestling Show on tuesday and shared some comments on Rena. Below are some highlights. For exact quotes and more topics, including Marc briefly talking about Luna & Jacqueline helping Sable with her matches, how Rena got hired by WWE, Marc rejecting WCW storylines because of Rena’s daughter listen to the show here (questions about Rena start about 46min into the podcast).

If he was jealous Sable became the bigger star:

Absolutely not and she would say the same thing. We would laugh. Vince Russo was in charge, going over the promos with us and I became this jealous, insecure person and we had so much fun doing that because we are in this together. It was such a great time in our life. They were backing up the Brink’s truck to our house. It was crazy. We knew we were set for life. And I have no ego. It was my idea for her to powerbomb me and do the things that we did. We’d run them by Vince Russo and he’d laugh at some of the things we came up with. We were a married couple and thought at the time we were gonna be together forever so you do things to support each other. I couldn’t have been more proud of her. […] She’s a wonderful person and I’m so happy for her and her new life with Brock and their kids. We still share a daughter together [..]. We’ll always have that connection and we always wish each other the best. I have nothing bad to say about her. She’s a wonderful person.

If Marc thinks WWE would team Sable with Brock now:

I don’t think so. Brock is like a machine. And I think their main concern is raising their children and not having her on the road or in that arena anymore. So I don’t think they’d bring her back in that position. Maybe someday she could make it to the Hall of Fame. That would be kinda cool. I mean she did a lot for the business at the time. She was very popular in the Attitude Era.

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February 15th Update on Rena/son

It looks like at least one of Rena & Brock’s sons is looking to follow in his father’s footsteps. The couple was seen cheering him on at a youth wrestling tournament in Minnesota today. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any pictures of the event so far.

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February 12th Ariana’s Quest

Rena plays Queen Ariana in this movie from 2002 which was originally supposed to be a pilot for a series. Massive thanks to Mickey for making this rare piece of Rena’s work available for our site.

[ Screenshots || Behind The Scenes Photos || Flyer ]

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February 7th New Photos

I received info that the Lesnars planned to visit Brock’s hometown of Webster, SD this weekend so I googled a bit and found these pictures of Rena & Brock at the Webster Bearcats wrestling team from earlier today. People at the tournament said that Rena looked to be in great shape, ripped.

renabrock7215 renabrock2715

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February 1st Gallery Update: Slaves of the Realm- Caps

Nearly 1500 screencaptures of Rena in the movie “Slaves of the realm” have been added to our gallery:

slaves1 (4) slaves1 (2) slaves1 slaves1 (3)
[navi: click on thumbnails > Slaves of the Realm]

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January 25th Countdown: WWE’s Biggest Crybabies

In one of the most recent episodes of “Countdown” the WWE took a look back at the company’s biggest crybabies. Marc Mero came in at #9 for constantly complaining about Sable taking his spotlight. We uploaded the video & over 200 screencaps. Enjoy.

bc1 bc2 bc3 bc4
[navi for caps: click on thumbnails> Specials & DVDs > WWE Countdown > Crybabies]

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January 17th Top 10 Most Powerful Divas

Sable made #6 in WWE’s recent Top 10 list of Most Powerful Divas:

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December 30th Video: Evening Gown Match – RAW Sept. 14th, 1998

Evening Gown Match: Sable vs Jacqueline from RAW Sept. 14th, 1998:

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December 22nd Gallery Update: “Happy Hour”- caps

We uploaded 140+ screenshots of Sable on “Happy Hour” (1999).

hh1 hh hh1 (3) hh1 (4)
[navi: click on thumbnails above > Happy Hour]

You can watch this episode of “Happy Hour” here.

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